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   Stick It Graphics was born by accident, as most of us probably were.  Most parents won't tell their kids that, but we believe you should understand why that was the reason for our success.  Stick It Graphics was created because our owner and founder also owns and operates a comedy fundraising company that produces stand up comedy shows nationwide for non profit organizations.  Not to mention, that he is also a successful professional comedian himself, with TV and Radio credits.  

Because of this production business, he found it necessary to create signage and banners for his customers to help them promote their events.  His sharp skills as a master of words as well as a previous professional graphic designer/marketing expert always helped create a marketing campaign that resulted in sold out shows nationwide.  So the need to purchase printing machines in house became apparent and the next thing you know, we had an in-house "sign shop".  

Over 10 years ago few friends asked if we could vehicle wrap their vehicles with our wide format vinyl printing equipment, so we gave it a shot.  The first thing we did was enlist the guidance and teachings of the worlds best vehicle wrap Gods and flew all around the country meeting up with them and taking classes.  We basically did this for fun for the first year, and because we did this for the love of the art form, we became very good at vinyl wrapping vehicles.  

The next thing you know we had vehicles showing up at our door step to get wrapped all by word of mouth and to this day we carry a very busy schedule based on our word of mouth vehicle wrap reputation.   We don't skimp on wrap materials or effort because we don't have to support ourselves with this business alone.  This allows us to give the best quality materials with the best service because we really love what we do.  Not to mention we are located off the beaten path in order to keep overhead down and not have to charge HIGHWAY ROBBERY PRICES like those sign companies you may see on the highway.  ;)  

So the bottom line is that we have some of the countries top creative thinkers working with us to create a vehicle wrap campaign that will actually SELL your product or service.  We will 100% educate you as to WHY we believe what we believe when it comes to a marketing concept.  We will NOT be "yes-men" and kiss your ass and agree with everything you request just because we want the job.  We will actually debate the concepts and ideas we provide for you because we know our job doesn't really start until your wrap is producing a result when its being driven around for the world to see.  But at the end of the day, its your cash and we will honor your request.  Unless your ideas totally suck, then we won't wrap your vehicle and we will laugh at you.

All in all, we are only on this planet for a short time.  We are creating vehicle wrap advertising and marketing for your business.  Yes its important but we aren't curing cancer or saving babies, so lets have some fun doing this!

Give us a call and come do business with a company that is still large enough to be of service but small enough to be your friend!  

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