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There are 2 types of vehicle wraps we offer. The first is a COMMERCIAL vehicle WRAP and the second is a VANITY vehicle WRAP.

Commercial Vehicle wraps are normally a printed design that is an advertisement of a business product and or service on one, or all sides of the vehicle.  This can be done as a full vehicle wrap or a partial vehicle wrap.  Commercial wraps are created by first developing a marketing plan & design with our marketing department pros or we can use a design you supply if you have your own internal marketing team.  In some cases, you may have a printed wrap that just requires us to install it.  So our pricing is based on several factors NOT just square footage:

  • Design - we creating or are you supplying?
  • Square footage & type of material being used
  • Complexity of wrap - curves, bumpers and wrap around designs
  • Seams - wallpaper style application or limit seams to natural breaks on the vehicle  
  • Cuts, tucks & removals - How anal would you like the finished results to be?

​So all of your quotes will not be apples-to-apples unless you spell out exactly what you are looking for because we could vehicle wrap a econoline van for $1200 or $3500 and though both jobs are considered a "wrap", you will drive away with two VERY different results.  So let us educate you and understand what you are getting first.  You are welcome to complete this form and we can give you a very rough estimate but the only way to really know what you need is for us to have a 10 minute conversation after we rough quote you.


Vanity Vehicle Wraps (Color change on a personal vehicle) is the process of basically "painting" your car with a wrap color.  This is normally just applied to all the viewable areas of the vehicle when all of the doors and hood/trunk are closed.  Door jambs can be wrapped but are not normally included.   Most vanity wraps we do are handled much like a paint job and much more time and care are put into the small details.  There are lots of people offering this service since we started over 10 years ago and most of them seem to come and go because of the quality of work they offer.  Most of them are not insured and will use a low grade of vinyl.  Vanity wraps are something we are extremely good at but we do not play pricing games.  We charge a higher price than most companies and we deliver a much better product and result.  So if you are looking for a cheap alternative to paint job, this is NOT a solution for you.  But if you want to improve the look of your vehicle but not ruin the paint and also protect the paint underneath, this is a great option.   

​Most vanity wraps in 3M vinyl or Avery vinyl matte or gloss finish will run your about $3000 (give or take).  If you are looking to just wrap some parts and or accessories on your vehicle, we can do that but there is a $500 minimum order to get on our wrap schedule.  So lets say you wanted to do 2 window moulding, 2 mirrors and a rear emblem, that would run about $600.

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