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Pre Wrap Services & What to know before you have us start a vinyl installation 

Full vehicle wraps are what we specialize in here at Stick It Graphics Vehicle Wraps.  A  full wrap is when we cover the four sides of your vehicle or trailer with a printed or color change vinyl coating.   The process to properly wrap a vehicle starts with a clean wrap ready surface.

  1. Wrap Ready Surface - In order for vinyl to properly adhere to your vehicle or item, the surface should be clean of any loose materials, rust, dirt, sap, wax, silicone or any other non-paint areas.  Vinyl will adhere to bare metal but the manufacturer doesn't always suggest doing so.  The optimum surface to apply wrap to is a clean and dirt/grease free enamel or oil base painted surface. Latex paint is OK if the item being wrapped is a mural wall or something that will not be exposed to the outside elements. But if the paint is not in the best of condition, you run the risk of the paint being lifted off the item in spots during the installation process and this can leave air pockets that will not be able to be repaired.  The reason is that as we are applying the vinyl, we have to semi stick the vinyl to the surface and reposition it as we go.  This means we are lifting the vinyl back up in many areas and if the paint is weak, it will come up when we are repositioning the vinyl.  The paint chip is now stuck to the back of the vinyl and this will make that area of the vinyl unable to be redheaded anywhere else.  The only way to fix this would be a patch or reprinting a new piece of vinyl at the customers cost.  So if you are pre prepping the item we are wrapping, please be sure to have all loose paint removed ahead of time.  

  2. Silicone edges - In some cases with a trailer, box truck and or food truck, there will be silicone along many of the seams and edges from the manufacturer.  In most cases, this silicone is going to hamper the ability for the vinyl to adhere to that edge and will cause lifting and failure down the road.  If we just wrap up to the silicone edge, then you will see uneven border lines along all these edges.  We always suggest that the silence be removed prior to the wrap installation and then we can wrap  right to the edge.  Then we reapply a fresh coat of silicone and this also insures that the wraps edge has the strongest bond possible.  We can do this work for you for an additional fee or you are welcome to do this part yourself.  In either case, we strongly suggest this method when silicone and or caulk is present on the item we are vinyl wrapping.

  3. Raised or indented surfaces - The basic rule of thumb is that if you can FEEL anything on the surface we are going to wrap, you will SEE it through the vinyl upon completion of the vinyl wrap project.  In some cases, even old adhesive residue will mix with the new adhesive and show up on the finished wrap.  So be warned that vinyl wrap is just like painting a vehicle and is not an easier solution for prep than painting is.  

  4. Parts removal - With every wrap there is the option to remove some parts from the vehicle prior to wrapping to speed the installation and to reduce unwanted seams.  Keep in mind that on older vehicles there is always a risk of problems that can happen with these removals because over time these parts become rusty and brittle.  We take very special care in any removals but we are not liable for any damages that may result in these removals.  All vehicles can be wrapped without removing a thing but there will be additional seams because of this.  We normally like to review these areas with our customers before creating our wrap plan so that that our customer has a realistic expectation of what the finished product will look like.

  5. Car Wash and Clean surfaces - All of our quotes are based on the item we are wrapping to be in a "wrap ready" condition which means that we just need to do a light cleaning of any dust and greasy spot cleaning areas.  We are more than happy to provide additional car washing, pre-prep and bodywork services in order to complete the installation correctly but we do charge additional fees for these services so please deliver your vehicle as clean as possible.

  6. Painted areas - In some wrap projects such as trailers and food trucks there are areas that will fair better with paint combined with the vinyl wrap.  This is a case by case basis and we would be happy to discuss this with you when we see the item being wrapped.

  7. Precision installation versus a standard installation - Depending upon the wrap and its purpose, you can request a standard installation or a precision installation.  A standard vinyl installation is when we create a mock up of your design on the area to be wrapped and we make sure that the horizon lines are within 1/2 inch of level to the chosen horizon line and that all the elements land in the same general area as displayed on the mock up design.  You save money of the installation cost because we don't have to spend as much time with measuring and leveling.  This is a great option for a wrap that will not be part of a fleet and if multiple items are being wrapped, they will never be all next to each other so being perfectly matched is not a concern.  With a precision wrap, we use some ver high tech propetery equipment to align all of the elements on each vehicle so when you line up a fleet of vehicles in a row, you will be guaranteed that they all are identical and hold the exact same measurements.  However, this type of installation is very time consuming for both design and installation and is billed accordingly   

  8. Glass coverage in Vinyl wrap - We cannot wrap windshields, or driver or passenger front seat windows under any circumstance because of insurance liability laws.  We can cover rear windows with perforated see thru vinyl or keep it solid in some cased like deliver vans etc.  Side back windows are the some situation.  You always have the option to not cover them at all so its best to discuss this with our art director at the beginning of the project.  Perforated vinyl is only a 1 year rated vinyl and will hamper the use of your windshield wiper on the rear window.  It delivers a nice spot to portray your advertising message but it does come with the reduced ability to see and use the wiper.  Keep in mind that perforated vinyl runs a bit more in price than the solid vinyl but ties the wrap design nicely with the glass on the vehicle.