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Known worldwide for our food truck vehicle wrap designs and installations!

So if you are getting into a food truck or looking to buy a used food truck, we can help you every step of the way.  Besides being great vehicle wrap installers, our owner is also a restaurant owner and knows the food business very well.  Let us create a food truck wrap design that will increase your profits like no one else could.

Vehicle wraps and are the only thing we do and that is the reason you can trust Stick It Graphics Vehicle Wraps to design, print and install you commercial or vanity vehicle wrap at one of our CT wrap locations.  Most companies that offer vehicle wraps are also selling many other products and or services.  As the old saying goes, "Jack of all trades, and master of NONE!".  There are even a few companies that do it pretty well granted that they only do it part time.  But if you are serious about creating a vehicle wrap that will create measurable results for your business or you want a wrap that will make heads turn as you drive by, Stick It Graphics vehicle Wraps is your best choice.  

Looking for more than just a wrap or mural?  Websites? T-shirts? Banners? Signs? Printing? Not a problem because we have teamed up with other experts in these fields and can help you obtain all that you need with just one easy point of contact.  This way we do what we do well, they do what they do well and you only have to deal with one company for all these needs.

Beware of "National Companies" that offer vehicle wraps.  These so called "CT Vehicle Wrap" companies will tell you that they can create your vehicle wrap in some other state and the entire deal can be done by phone and email, but the truth is that it will not be done with care and personal touch needed for success.  The Internet has brought us all closer; yet farther apart.  Our company believe that we must create a personal relationship with each one of our customers and sit with them face to face to discuss what and why we are creating.  We also are installing your vinyl wrap in house by our own INSURED and certified Avery Vinyl Wrap certified installation team.  This alone is reason enough to believe you will end up with major issues with a non-local vinyl wrap company.  

We have wrapped more vehicles in the North East corner than any other vehicle wrap company because we go above and beyond what is required for a great vinyl wrap installation.  Each one of our wrap locations has a fully climate controlled environment that assures your vehicle vinyl wrap is never subjected to extreme heat or cold that can greatly effect the quality of your wrap.  We also have a Hepa filtered circulation system that filters out even the smallest of particles to keep them from being trapped under your vinyl wrap material during installation.  Overkill?  Maybe, but you are investing into your business or your vehicles future and we don't take that lightly.  

Vehicle wraps that increase your profit is what we do best.  We have an advertising and marketing team at your disposal to assist you in creating a successful marketing concept to use on your wrap.  Lots of CT sign companies say they also provide vehicle wraps but only one company specializes in vehicle wraps and vinyl wall murals.

Stick it Graphics has over 10 years in the business and we have one of the highest ratings in the country for customer satisfaction.  Imagine having an advertising and marketing company of your very own, because thats what we offer that most CT sign companies don't.  So if you have never done a vehicle wrap or if this is your 100th wrap, we can be very hands on in the process with you or we can just take your direction and make it happen.  We have wrapped thousands of vehicles and vinyl wall mural wraps

Design with purpose and most of all, PROFIT for YOUR business!

Large enough to be of service,

small enough to NOT OVER CHARGE YOU.

We live between that top heavy 5 million dollar CT sign company and that small struggling shop that may not be there next week.  Our 10 person staff and 10 years of business is just large enough to get any job done correctly and for a very fair investment.  Plus you will have the piece of mind knowing that we will be here if and when you need us again.

We are overly passionate about what we do.  This means that we care about every process and step of your project from start to finish.  Commercial vehicle wraps is our specialty and we are the only full time commercial vehicle wrap design and installation company in Connecticut.

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