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Our unique marketing, design & Installation approach will
increase sales leads DRAMATICALLY for your business.

IN THE NEWS 2018!!!   Shell, AirFlow Truck Company introduce their long-awaited Starship.  Fully vinyl wrapped by Stick It Graphics Vehicle Wraps

Best Way Roofing hired Stick It Graphics to do marketing concepts, design, print and installation.  Because of this wrap he has grown his business by 3 more vehicles!

Beware of CT SIGN SHOPS and don"t monkey around with
automotive speed shops!  They don't understand marketing and the art
​of commercial vehicle wrap installation.

Stick It Graphics is a full time CT Vehicle Wrap and Wall Mural
specialty company that is also a CT advertising and
marketing company.

The purpose of a wrap is to INCREASE YOUR SALES.  "Sign guys" know how to climb step ladders really well, Stick It Graphics knows how to help your business reach new heights!  ...and we do it beyond well.

We focus on creating only top notch vinyl vehicle wraps for some of the most successful companies in the country.  From small one man operations that are just starting out to multi million dollar corporations.  Most any sign company will offer vehicle wraps but quite frankly, just because its made out of the same material does not mean they should be doing this too.  Teeth are part of your body but there is a reason why doctors don't offer dental work as well.  Because vehicle wrap is a specialty area and when treated that way, your vehicle wrap can be one of the single most successful marketing and advertising tools for your company.  Stick It Graphics Vehicle Wraps understands that most graphic designers are great for making "pretty pictures" but do not have the experience or knowledge to create an advertising campaign that will actually bring more customers and dollars to your business.  Stick It Graphics Vehicle Wraps senior marketing team is lead by a self made entrepreneur who as owned and operated many successful businesses for over 30 years.  His knowledge and experience is what will help set your business apart from the pack.  We are NOT order takers and we will "fight" with you over what we believe is the better way to promote your business.  If you believe that sticking your logo on the side of your vehicle with a giant phone number is "good enough", then we are NOT the company for you.  We are after aggressive companies that want to grow, expand and most of all be profitable.  Nothing excites us more than a new success story!  Working with us is much more than getting a vehicle wrap or wall mural, its like taking on a new partner that cares just as much about your success as you do!  

Sense of humor a must!  We also love to have fun when we work so if you are a snot nosed corporate type who just lives to complain because you have some deep seated emotional problems that stem back to your bad childhood, ...please call our competition! 


All of the white, red and yellow on this truck is Vinyl Wrapped by Stick It Graphics Vehicle wraps

We also wrap walls, items, guitars, appliances and anything else that we can stick vinyl to!.

Best Food Truck Designs & Food Truck Wrap Kings!  

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Searching for a Vehicle Wrap Company in Hartford, CT?  We are less than 25 minutes from Hartford, CT and we even offer pick up and delivery services if required.  If you searched "Hartford vinyl wrap companies" and you need a vehicle wrap, we can help.  Call us at 203-631-6625 because we offer pick up and delivery services as well.

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Stick It Graphics is the largest and most experienced vehicle wrap company in CT!  

THE STARSHIP TRUCK TOOK 3 YEARS AND 18,000 HOURS TO BUILD and wrap in Avery Vehicle Wrap material.

Three years in the making – and 31 years since its initial design was drafted – the Starship was born on Monday night at the Technology & Maintenance Council’s Annual Meeting & Transportation Technology meeting in Atlanta.
The Starship is a futuristic-looking, but completely road legal, Class 8 tractor-trailer unit built through a collaboration between Shell and AirFlow Truck Company. Designed with super sleek aerodynamic panels made of carbon fiber, the truck features a full suite of advanced technologies as Shell and AirFlow worked to design a truck that would improve freight efficiency as measured by ton-miles.
Bob Sliwa, president of Newington, CT-based AirFlow, said it took 18,000 hours to build the vehicle, which he drove from Newington to Atlanta for the show. “This is not a converted truck,” he said, “this is a 100% bespoke.”
The tractor features a Cummins X15 engine with 6X2 configuration and a 2.5 ratio. The 6-cylinder engine produces 400 horsepower and 1850-foot pounds of torque. The vehicle has both a downsped axle and engine to reduce fuel usage, the latest safety technologies and auto tire inflation system to name just a few characteristics.
Dan Arcy, global OEM technical manager for Shell, said the truck also has both front and side radar, stability control and a solar array on the trailer. The 5,000-watt solar array on top of the trailer provides energy through a 48-volt battery pack to power interior accessories and reduces the energy load.
The body of the Starship Project tractor is a bespoke aerodynamic design made of carbon fiber. This includes the side skirts, hood, and front end. A custom Department of Transportation (DOT)-approved wrap-around windshield was designed specifically for the truck.
Arcy also noted that the truck has an “active front grille” that opens and closes to allow in air as needed.
Shell’s Meghan Pino, Shell Rotella global brand manager, said the company provided technical consultation on the engine and drivetrain components and made lubricant recommendations. The engine runs on Shell Rotella T6 Ultra 5W-30, which is a low viscosity API FA-4 engine oil that has been formulated to provide better fuel economy, improved high and low temperature performance and meets the requirements for many low emissions engines. Additional low viscosity full synthetic oils are used throughout the vehicle, including Spirax S6 GXME 75W-80 transmission oil, Spirax S5 ADE 75W-80 differential oil and Spirax S6 GME 40 wheel hub oil. In addition, Shell Rotella Extended Life Coolant will provide excellent high-temperature protection and heat transfer. Shell Rotella Diesel Exhaust Fluid, a high purity diesel exhaust fluid, will also be in the truck. 
“We seek projects such as the Starship initiative to keep Shell at the leading edge of technology development and energy efficiency,” said Bob Mainwaring, technology manager for innovation, Shell Lubricants. “The transportation industry is constantly changing, and our goal is to be at the forefront of innovation by collaborating with companies like AirFlow and others to develop creative solutions that provide benefits for years to come.”
Sliwa says it took 3 years to build the truck, but his original design for it was drafted in 1987. He had previously built the “Bullet Truck in 2012, which ran coast-to-coast hauling freight at 65,000 pounds gross vehicle weight and averaged a record 13.4 mpg.
“[Shell] saw my website in 2013 and contacted me,” he said. “On April 1, 2013, I thought it was an April Fool’s Day joke.”
It wasn’t, and Sliwa, who was an owner-operator, noted that back in the 1980s he was putting skirts on his trailers, joking that it just took him “35 years to become an overnight sensation.”
The Starship Project will undertake a cross-country run in May that will begin in California and end in Florida carrying a real load of cargo in May: clean reef material destined for a new reef installation off the coast of Florida later this summer.
Pino said that NACFE will document the trip and provide a report to validate the performance of the vehicle.

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Known worldwide for our food truck vehicle wrap designs and installations!

So if you are getting into a food truck or looking to buy a used food truck, we can help you every step of the way.  Besides being great vehicle wrap installers, our owner was also a restauranteur for may years and knows the food business very well.  Let us create a food truck wrap design that will increase your profits like no one else could.  We can do a marketing based design that highlights your food, or we can go with a classic food truck design that fits your food business personna!

CT Vehicle wraps and murals are the only thing we do and that is the reason you can trust Stick It Graphics Vehicle Wraps to design, print and install you commercial or vanity vehicle wrap at one of our CT wrap locations.  Most companies that offer vehicle wraps are also selling many other products and or services.  As the old saying goes, "Jack of all trades, and master of NONE!".  There are even a few companies that do it pretty well granted that they only do it part time.  But if you are serious about creating a vehicle wrap that will create measurable results for your business or you want a wrap that will make heads turn as you drive by, Stick It Graphics vehicle Wraps is your best choice.  

Beware of "National Companies" that offer vehicle wraps.  These so called "CT Vehicle Wrap" companies will tell you that they can create your vehicle wrap in some other state and the entire deal can be done by phone and email, but the truth is that it will not be done with care and personal touch needed for success.  The Internet has brought us all closer; yet farther apart.  Our company believe that we must create a personal relationship with each one of our customers and sit with them face to face to discuss what and why we are creating.  We also are installing your vinyl wrap in house by our own INSURED and certified Avery Vinyl Wrap certified installation team.  This alone is reason enough to believe you will end up with major issues with a non-local vinyl wrap company.  

We have wrapped more vehicles in the North East corner than any other CT vehicle wrap company because we go above and beyond what is required for a great vinyl wrap installation.  Each one of our wrap locations has a fully climate controlled environment that assures your vehicle vinyl wrap is never subjected to extreme heat or cold that can greatly effect the quality of your wrap.  We also have a Hepa filtered circulation system that filters out even the smallest of particles to keep them from being trapped under your vinyl wrap material during installation.  Overkill?  Maybe, but you are investing into your business or your vehicles future and we don't take that lightly.